Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get MyLibri Books app

    You can download MyLibri Books app from either Google Play Store or App Store, simply search for “MyLibri Books on any of these stores.

  • To sign up on the mobile app simply click on the “Create account” button while on the web app, click on the “Get started” button. Ensure to fill all the compulsory fields.

  • The Referral Code field is optional and you can sign up without it. Every user after signing up on the MyLibri Books App can generate their own Referral Code which can be shared with friends.

    How To get your Referral Code

    • Launch the MyLibriBooks App

    • Go to "Settings" on the app and scroll to "Bio Data".

    • Click on "Refer a Friend" and your Referral Code is automatically copied to your clipboard

    You can share your referral code to as many people as possible. You might just get a gift from us when you refer as much people as possible.

  • To subscribe on MyLibri Books app, click on subscription on the settings page and select any of the plans and then proceed to make payment. By doing this, you will have an active subscription and can access all the books on the app. If you are having issues with linking your card on the mobile app, simply visit the website at to subscribe.

    Alternatively on the website, click on the profile at the top of the page, click on your name and then go to “Subscription” simply select any of the plans you’d like to subscribe for and proceed to make payment seamlessly.

  • To join our book club on Facebook, simply search for MyLibri Book Club on Facebook and click on join. Once we receive your request to join, we will accept your request and you can participate in the various activities we have going on the Book club.

  • To find specific books, simply click on the search modal at the top of the page and type in the book title you would like to find. It is the same process if you want to search for a specific author or genre.

  • MyLibri Books currently has the Lone Ranger subscription bundles and they are as follows.

    • Monthly Lone Ranger costs N1,000

    • Quarterly Lone Ranger costs N2,500

    • Biannual Lone Ranger costs N5,500

    • Annual Lone Ranger costs N11,200

  • You can only download books in-app for offline reading on the mobile application but not on the web application

  • No, you can not publish your books on the platform. The books we upload on the app are books that have already been published